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What is a 'Gel Manicure'?

How is it different to a 'full set' of nails and nail 'fill'?

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The Nail Spa nail enhancement menu is a little different to other spas and salons. Instead of 'full sets' and 'fills' we offer 'gel manicures':

What is a Gel Manicure?

A gel manicure is a very natural looking gel nail enhancement. An overlay of high-quality gel is sculpted over the nail giving you the benefit of additional strength and shine, without an artificial look.

Initially, if your natural nails are short, length can be added to your nails using a sculpting method. After that first application your nails will grow and you maintain your nails with a gel nail manicure every 3-5 weeks.

How is a Gel Manicure different to a 'Full Set' of nails and a 'Fill'?

A 'Full set' of nails usually refers to an application of artificial tips onto your natural nail or the sculpting of longer extensions. A 'Fill' usually refers to buffing off the top layer of gel (or acrylic) and adding another coat on top. At many salons a 'Fill' just involves filling in the gap (above your cuticle where your natural nail has grown) with gel or acrylic.

The Nail Spa's gel manicure includes skillful removal of the majority of the gel, especially from the free edge (tips of the fingernails) and re-application of new gel which allows to maintain a very thin nail enhancement.

Does Gel damage the nails?

Just like scissors cannot be blamed for a bad haircut, gels cannot be blamed for damage that is caused by lack of knowledge and/or improper technique. Properly maintained gel (just like hair colour) can be enjoyed for years.

How often do I need to maintain my Gel Manicure?

Depending on the growth - you will book your gel manicure every 3-5 weeks.

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